WebFlyer There are many businesses that just don’t need a complete web site. Everything they offer can be explained on a single page. The business doesn’t have a domain named web address. AND when someone asks for there web site, they say “don’t have one”. Let’s think about this a second…. People in general expect a business to have at least a reference page on the Internet. People use this reference page for more than reading about your business. A domain name is their reference connector to you. That is now a normal process. We call our budget web site program a “WebFlyer” because it is just that. It’s a Flyer like a printed paper flyer you see posted on boards or pass out at events. They are cheap to get and are outdated fast. Also, paper fliers sit in one spot. For people to see the message they have to go to it. Or worse yet if handed the flyer they toss it and never see the message. And if there is a new message to present you have to go to print all over again. And put the rest in the garbage. WebFlyers go to see them. When customers want current information about you they just look at your WebFlyer on their phone or computer. They quickly get used to the fact that current information is always there. Same place. Easy find. Web SITES are great for complex information. They can be expensive. And more expensive to keep current. Web FLYERS are great for brief basic facts that take no time to read. They are cheap. Keeping it current is cheap. Fact is that most complex web sites are viewed just for this same purpose. Basic information. TAP HERE to see example 1. TAP HERE to see example 2. By the way, a facebook page is not a promotional tool. They are gossipy and are head spinning busy gobble- dee-gook. A menu posting web service is just plain useless…people don’t read them. They look for your address and phone number on there somewhere. All they really want is to find you. A WebFlyer works because it is simple information, easy to find, without making the viewer confused or squint to see your phone number. Well….now what? Your WebFlyer comes with a package of parts. All for one low cost. 1. Creation of the page. 2. Maintenance of the page when changes are needed to keep current. 3. Web domain address for you to publicize in store, on advertising or paper flyers. There are some tricks to making the name effective. We’ll show you. 4. Hosting computer service maintained by us. COST is just $45.00 per month. About a buck and a half a day billed quarterly. To start, we need some basic information. Then we will contact you to explain things about your WebFlyer and answer your questions if need be. That take 10 minutes. After 48 hours your WebFlyer is there on the Internet. TAP HERE to submit that basic information on a handy form.
CONTACT INFORMATION: Email: JimB@touring.today Text and VoiceMail: 413-889-4144 This page is a WebFlyer. The domain web address is: WebFlyer.today For information about touring.today CLICK HERE This service is based and maintained in the USA.