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Processing and Pricing of Services As you saw, the concept for this program is pretty simple. People want fast easy guidance while touring your area. We are keeping your involvement and costs of using this service simple as well. We are always available to discuss your questions by phone, text or email. You may use our various forms to help gather your thoughts and give us information prior to our discussions. Saving you time. Helpful forms for requesting: FREE LISTING FLYER PAGES WITHIN OUR GUIDE PRIVATE BRAND ON-LINE GUIDE PAGE AD on Header Bar Prices of Services: Don’t worry. We pre-estimate and confirm costs prior to every order. Listing on up to 3 locations is Free (within a page or on separate pages). Flyer Page: $200 set-up plus $20.00 per ad period of 15 days. A private web domain address can be provided for this page for $80.00 per year. This makes a very inexpensive web site for those who do not need a major web site. (This is for a standard page using our format. You can suggest colors of background and type. Special features can be added at extra costs which are quite fair.) Private Brand Guide Site: (See our About Us Page for the description of many included features.) $2000.00 set-up plus $200.00 per ad period of 15 days. (This is for a 10 page Guide using our format. Special features can be added at extra costs which are quite fair.) Page Ad on Header Bar: $100.00 set-up plus $90.00 per ad period of 15 days. Note that there is only one ad per page. A wording change during the course of a standing ad will cost $20.00. Longer term agreements are available for discounts. A newly created Page Ad will be placed on line for 72 hours at no charge and remain there when payment is received. All payments are made on line by debit/credit card through secure PayPal invoicing. Private Branded Guide Sites and Flyer Page set-up fees are to be received prior to pages creation. Ad Period fees are payable prior to the start of each period.
CONTACT INFORMATION: Email: Text and VoiceMail: 413-889-4144 Immediate web address information will be sent to your phone when you text: EZBERKS to 474747