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“Can I sell something through this site?” You now can sell tickets, products, or services through this site. There are a few ways this is done. When prospective customers use this site they may be anxious to do a transaction and immediately complete the inquiry that is on their mind. Quickly finishing the sales cycle of inquiry, decision, purchase, and pay. The key is that they are likely to quickly tap a button here to buy. Here, they are already emotionally invested in a connection to you. A “foot in the door” so to speak. Here are a few methods to attain sales: Have an additional link in your basic listing on this site that directs the viewer to a specific selling page of your own web site. Have an offering specifically described on this commerce page with a link to your established on line selling device for that product or service. Have an offering on this commerce page that includes the ability to immediately place an order and pay. We will send you the order specifications and shipping instructions for you to fulfill the sale. We can have your offering posted in any of the above ways by tomorrow. You could be taking orders in immediately.
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