The reason this works Our culture demands more speed to get information. If they don't get this in two seconds they give up. People on vacation are no different. Locals also caught up in this pace. Now they have this fast free Regional Guide. A push-button tool for directions and information on attractions and businesses. All they do is… “JUST TAP THE BUTTON!”
Regional Guides Visitors get easy to use "quick-tap" push-button menus arranged by interests and locations. Maps show routing to locations. It’s all pretty simple, really. No confusing graphics. No piles of paper. If they want more in-depth information it's immediately available with one more tap. See an example at
Private Brand Guides This service is a great addition or replacement to your on-site touring brochure rack. With this you provide "quick click" push-button menus for customers and guests to find attractions locations and information. Here is your quick answer to “What is there to do around here?” The listings can be custom made to provide only what you want them to see. With this service you are provided a unique web domain address that you provide to guests (and future guests). Printed flyers with your private tour guide web address are also provided. A text-back response service is available to provide quick information. The pages are kept continuously current by our staff. See example at
Free listings for attractions, retailers & services. COMPLETE THE FORM AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE. Or send us an email with your business name, contact person name, complete street address, brief description of what you offer, and web site address (if you have one - not required). We keep personal information private. Send to
“Flyer” Page Within a Regional Guide you may have a dedicated single page web display panel. It contains more information about you than the listings. Feature anything you wish. This page can also contain buttons for LOCATION MAP and LINK TO YOUR MAIN WEB SITE. This is an inexpensive way to have a simple low cost web site or additional specialized web site. See example at
CLICK HERE to see costs of our services. CLICK HERE to see our really cheap web site service called WebFlyer. CLICK HERE to see how to sell your tickets, products, and services through this site. ____________________________ Regional Managers Wanted We are opening up additional regions throughout the country. If interested CLICK HERE. ____________________________ CONTACT INFORMATION: Email: Text and VoiceMail: 413-889-4144 Web address information will be sent to your phone when you text: EZBERKS to 474747
Four Kinds of Involvement 1. FREE BASIC LISTING may appear in multiple menus depending on reader's interests and your location. See listings using the push-button menus at m To request a free listing see the form below or CLICK HERE. 2. “FLYER” Page is your information page containing buttons for a locater map to your business and link to your web site. Say whatever you wish. Go to and tap the "Household Resources" button. Then tap the the LiptonMart "INFORMATION" button. For information on obtaining a Flyer page CLICK HERE 3. PRIVATE BRAND GUIDES provide "quick-click" directions and information specific for your guests. Also you can provide day trip sightseeing routes and references to local goods and services they may need. This is a great addition or replacement to your guest tourist brochure rack. A unique web domain address is provided that contains your business name. Branded printed flyers are provided. A fast response texting service immediately provides guests links to your Guide service. See an example at For more information on obtaining a Private Brand Guide just CLICK HERE. 4. ADVERTISING The Header Bar Ad is the only form of display advertising in our service. It is a single bar at the top of a page that contains promotional wording and functions as a link to a page on your standing web site or a Flyer page on our Guide site. There is only one of these ads per page. To see an example and get information on obtaining a Page Ad CLICK HERE.
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