Fishing & Hunting in the Berkshires
Massachusetts is a very sportsmen friendly state. Berkshire County is exceptional. Fishing is allowed on most lakes, rivers, and streams in Berkshire County. There are some catch-and-release only areas that are productive for lots of fun. Please be respectful of posted private property. Wardens patrol all parts of the county. Hunting is allowed for many breeds. Be sure to have all proper licenses and stamps when you hunt. Wardens patrol all parts of the county. Cooperation with rules and laws is necessary to preserve the sport and be sure we all can continue having enough fish and game in the future. Buy Licenses On Line - Click Here Short term licenses are available. Information Sources: Fishing & Hunting Seasons Summary State Wildlife Web Site Wildlife Regulations Site Download Books Fishing Seasons & Limits Deer Hunting Seasons & Limits Fur-bearer Hunting Bird Hunting