To conveniently revisit the page simply create a shortcut icon for your phone home screen. Here is how to do this: 1. Click on your phone Chrome or Safari icon to open your web browser. 2. On the address line type in: 3. You are then viewing the web page for Once displayed, there may be different wording in the address line...disregard that and go to step 4. 4. While you see this page displayed tap on the 3 vertical dots in the far upper right of the screen. (They are to the right of the address line.) On that drop-down list, near the bottom, tap on "ADD TO HOME SCREEN". You are finished with the set-up. 5. To see the results, go to your phone home screen (or one of the series you may have) and look for a black icon with t.t lettering. Under that icon you will see " today". 6. Now each time you need information about enjoying the Berkshires area just tap that icon.